Welcome to Dear Tea Society, where the eccentric, the strange, the absurd, the thirsty, the tired, the restless, the beautiful, the creative, the rowdy, the cunning, the polite, the curious and the perfectionist all join together in our love of tea.

You know us. We’re the ones who need our tea in the morning, in the evening and at any given time in between. We believe tea goes with anything, from cookies to steak. We crave tea when we’re heartbroken, when we’re triumphant, when we make big plans for a small business or take our first small steps towards a great adventure.

We love our tea black, green and white - but always organic. We love sharing a pot but are often caught drinking on our own. We need tea to think, to dream, to forgive and forget. In short: We love tea, it’s who we are.

Fancy a cup? We’ll put the kettle on.

Here you can shop our retail cartons filled with 20 pyramids of organic teas. Would you like to serve our teas in your café, restaurant or hotel – please contact us at hello@deartea.se

Your Dear Tea Society Team